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About Ulysses Square

A Beautiful Place To Work

Ulysses Square was designed for the needs of small business; with comfort, elegance, safety, and the environment in mind, using the best available green technology and materials. Elegant Green: Modern, functional, sleek, and attractive.

Ulysses Square boasts an attractive outside environment as well. 

Just outside the lunch room is a patio facing a koi pond where you can eat lunch in the warmer weather or plan a cookout on the Weber gas grill.

The 10 acre campus has a small wooded area filled with mature trees and new plantings of native trees and heritage fruit trees.  The woods were carefully maintained to provide a pleasant atmosphere while retaining habitat for birds and wildlife.  A wildflower meadow attracts hummingbirds and butterflies with a spectacular profusion of blooms all summer long.  A small brook runs along the north face of the environment.

There are walking trails around and through the trees and even berries to pick in the summer.

Ulysses Square is a certified National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat.  No pesticides or other chemicals are used on the grounds.

Safety and Efficiency

All interior lighting is state-of-the-art LED. LED lighting has many advantages over traditional lighting methods. These include:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Long service life – LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours
  • Durable – LED bulbs are resistant to thermal and vibrational shocks and turn on instantly
  • No infrared or ultraviolet radiation
  • Safety – LEDs remain cool to the touch.
  • Environmentally conscious – LEDs contain no mercury
  • No frequency interference – no ballast to interfere with radio and television signals

We used Icynene® insulation throughout the buildings. This new product is 100% water-blown and contains no HCFCs, HFAs, HFCs, formaldehyde or other toxic or ozone destroying chemicals. It will not sustain combustion, does not emit any fumes, and provides no support to bacterial or fungal growth. It also has no food value for insects or rodents.

The drop ceilings are Armstrong® Class A Fire-retardant ceiling tiles that contain post-consumer recycled materials and have high sound-proofing and insulation ratings.

All flooring is Forbo® Linoleum. The new Forbo products are not only beautiful and long-lasting, but made from renewable materials. Linoleum has very low flammability, is antistatic, light resistant, sound-absorbent, resistant to fats and oils and has a natural antibacterial effect. It emits no toxic fumes

Elegant Green

The roof is standing-seam steel. There are numerous advantages to using metal roofing. Metal roofs are totally fireproof and extremely wind resistant. They are also environmentally friendly because they are made from recyclable metals, such as steel, tin, aluminum and copper. We chose a metal roof not only for the clean architectural lines but because it is safest.


The building is sided with HardieBoard®, which has several advantages over other materials for building exteriors.

  • Nine manufacturing facilities support the regional economy and reduce the environmental impact caused by transportation of materials.

  • Raw materials that are extracted and processed near each manufacturing facility also reduce transportation.

  • Raw materials are low in toxicity — wood pulp, cement, sand and water (recycled up to 4 times).

  • Longer lasting materials not only require fewer resources for replacement but also reduce maintenance and repair costs.

  • Unique ColorPlus® Technology manufacturing process bakes on paint in the factory delivering a quality, consistent finish, eliminating VOCs during exterior painting. 15-year finish warranty ensures reduced need for repainting.

  • James Hardie® siding is non-combustible in accordance with ASTM E 136 and can be installed to achieve MIAMI-DADE Large and Small Missile Impact Rating.

  • Manufacturing processes focus on quality, first-run materials. Zero to Landfill project aimed at reducing amount of raw materials waste sent to the landfills by half.

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